fire alarm
fire alarm

Fire Alarms

It is a legal requirement for every company to safeguard their employees and their property by implementing measures for fire prevention and containment, as well as installing alarms to alert your staff to the fire. We are able to cater to our customer’s specific requirements and budgets, whilst ensuring that the perfect solution is provided.

fire alarm

PBA Integrated Systems

PBA Integrated Systems are dedicated to supplying customers with a fast and friendly response to any enquiries about our fire alarms. Your property will be meticulously survey so we can get a thorough understanding of your specific requirements. Once this survey has been completed, we will be able to provide you with the best solution for your needs.

fire alarm

Innovative solutions

We pride ourselves on being able to offer innovative design solutions for your requirements, and then ensure they are fitted by our qualified and certified workforce.

With each design and installation, it is imperative that they conducted to the current British and European standards.

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global electricaltraining ltd

Global Electrical Training Ltd is a company of highly experienced and qualified electricians providing electrical courses designed to teach you how to become an electrician quickly and effectively.

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